Research - Deniz Ozkan


My research mainly focuses on economic, financial, cost and risk analysis of energy systems including sustainability, climate change, electricity markets, environmental issues and policy perspective. Major aim of my studies is to close the gap in integrated analysis of complex systems by bringing the theory and practice together on an interdisciplinary platform.


Research Areas and Interests

 Analysis of complex systems and hybrid architectures

 Life cycle cost analysis under uncertainty

 Multidisciplinary stochastic optimization of energy systems

 Deregulated power markets and their affects on the power network system design

 Portfolio analysis in energy sector including the climate change mitigation policies

 Economic analysis of renewable energy options

 Decision making in a sustainable environment

 Cost engineering

 Policy analysis from different stakeholder perspectives

 Financial risk analysis


Life-Cycle Cost Assessment Case Studies

prepared during the last 4 years and will be compiled in a book form.

 Wind (Onshore / Offshore)

 Solar (Updraft tower / Concentrating power)

 Combined cycle coal plant with carbon sequestration






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