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5-7 October 2010:

Was a panelist at the first GreenGov Symposium held by the White House Council on Environmental Quality. More details


15-17 June 2010:

Presented at the 9th World Wind Energy Conference “Large Scale Integration of Wind Farms” in Istanbul, Turkey. More details.


18 May 2010:

Successfully defended my dissertation “Financial Analysis and Cost Optimization of Offshore Wind Energy under Uncertainty and in Deregulated Power Markets” and became a Doctor :) More details.


22-24 March 2010:

Presented at the International Workshop on Wind Energy Development in Cairo, Egypt. More details.

27 March 2010:

Earth Hour 2010

More details.


22 April 2010:

Earth Day 2010

More details.


15 June 2010:

Global Wind Day 2010

More details.




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